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Wetheplugg was started in 2014, when CEO and Founder, Demi The Hustla, came up with a brilliant idea to help aspiring artists like himself, to collaborate with major mainstream music (Artists) performers. Demi invested over $5,000×× on ENTRY FEES, and other related expenses, to perform at open microphones over the course of a year. After the initial competition, Demi discovered that the majority of the open mic's in Atlanta were corrupted (rigged, compromised). So after much meditation, Demi came up with a one-of-a-kind solution: A Hi-Tech voting system that is nearly impossible to compromise ( penetrate ) using Instagram. I believe there are two significant aspects ( components ) to a blossoming ( or an artist on the rise ) performer's career. Foremost, is the privilege for that individual to be connected ( affiliated ) with one of the major Stars in the music industry, to commune ( Unite ) on a song. Secondary it's my considered opinion that having access to the radio medium, can catapult an individual's career, our mission at is to provide a channel for real talent in every genre across the world,  to have a fair chance ( opportunity ) to be the next Superstar. GOD BLESS you and may the best artist win sincerely: DEMI The Hustla

Demi Tha Hustla

CEO / Founder

Rene McRoyal



Saqoiya Young



Alvin McRoyal



Lead Intern

Vincent Shanks

Marketing Director 

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